Why Is 2024 A Leap Year

Why Is 2024 A Leap Year. But there are two other lines known not quite as commonly. Is 2024 a leap year?

Why Is 2024 A Leap Year

2024 is a leap year! A calendar shows the month of february, including leap day, feb. Leap years were introduced in the 16th century.

They Only Happen About Once Every Four Years.

Technically, february 29 is called an intercalary day, according to timeanddate. This year's leap day will be on thursday, feb.

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Just look at your calendar, find โ€œfebruary 29โ€ neatly tucked between the usual february 28 and march 1, and you.

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Every Year That Is Divisible By Four, Such As 2020 And 2024, Is A Leap Year Except For Some Centenary Years, Or Years That End In 00, Such As 1900.

Leap days regulate things, corrects the discrepancy in the solar year, with an extra day added to. 2024 is a leap year!

Occurring Only Once Every Four Years, Leap Years Describe The Practice Of.

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